Have a Compliment or Complaint?

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Have A Compliment or Complaint?

If you have a general compliment or complaint about something that the department does, or does not do, please make an appointment to speak with the chief of police. He is interested in your thoughts or complaints and will be glad to talk with you about your concerns. He can be reached at (281) 342-2849. If your compliment or complaint is about a specific police department employee or a specific incident, please contact the appropriate supervisor by calling the police department and asking for the chief’s office. Tell the secretary you have a compliment or complaint and she will ask you questions so she can route your call to the correct supervisor to hear your particular situation.

After normal office hours, ask to speak to the patrol supervisor. If you were given a business card, the officer's name is on the upper right-hand side of the card. Your complaint or concern can usually be resolved over the telephone. However, if you wish to speak directly with the proper supervisor, an appointment will be arranged.

When you come to the police department for your appointment you will talk in private to the supervisor that is responsible for the employee that was involved in your specific incident. The supervisor may or may not be aware of your specific incident and will probably ask you several questions. The supervisor will then ask you to put any complaint in writing and sign the statement. This is done because there is a Texas law (Government Code chapter 614) that requires the complaint to be in writing before a chief of police can take any disciplinary action. You should also know that if disciplinary action is taken the employee has the right to see a copy of your statement.

If you are not willing to make a written statement the supervisor may still counsel an employee, if that is the appropriate response to your complaint. However, this action cannot result in any discipline based on your complaint. All traffic stops are recorded. This video will be removed from the patrol car, and reviewed, in response to your complaint. You may be allowed to see this recording if you wish after it has been retrieved.

The Richmond Police Department takes all complaints seriously.

The Richmond Police Department wants to serve the community to the best of our ability. We are always striving to improve, and always looking for citizen input and feedback. We welcome constructive criticism and are willing to take the time to examine our actions in order to improve our service.

If you want to learn more about your police department please ask for an application to attend our next Citizen’s Police Academy. This is a ten-week class that will take you inside the department for a closer look, or call the police department and ask for a visit from your Beat Officer. We welcome your interest and ask for your support.

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