Criminal Investigations

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Contact Information

Lieutenant Diana Butinski
Commander, Criminal Investigation Division

Office (281) 342-2849


Crime Scene

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for follow-up investigations on all assigned cases of criminal activity initially reported to our uniformed patrol officers.  The detectives are responsible for identifying the person(s) responsible for the criminal act, and attempt to recover any property that may have been stolen. The detectives respond to major crime scenes such as sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and homicide. 

The Criminal Investigation Division is also responsible for the evaluation, collection, and maintenance of evidence.

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Richmond Police Department consists of three case detectives, two crime scene investigators, and one narcotics detective.




 Lieutenant Diana Butinski  David Childs  John Dawson
Division Commander  Detective  Detective






 Andy Runge  Chad Dzierzanowski    Elizabeth Neal
Detective   Crime Scene Investigator    Crime Scene Investigator