Richmond Comprehensive Master Plan Update

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Great opportunities and significant challenges are ahead. The goals of the City Commission are to:

  • Encourage, promote, and welcome expanding residential and business growth and development;
  • Provide safe, secure, family-oriented communities;
  • Influence, foster, and maintain the interest of safety;
  • Protect and preserve well-known historic sites and memorabilia; and
  • Provide a healthy business and economic atmosphere.

It is our belief that each resident and business is of the utmost importance and deserves the very best that taxpayer dollars can provide in order to develop and maintain a city that is financially secure and one in which we can all be proud.

2014 Comprehensive Master Plan (the 2014 Plan)

The City’s 2014 Comprehensive Master Plan is Richmond’s guidebook to specify policy, program and project initiatives for the City and surrounding planning areas. It reflects Richmond’s values and traditions while exploring opportunities and best practices for growth, redevelopment and enhancement for the next 20 years. Citizens can find the 2014 Plan on the City’s website under Government tab\City Manager’s page.

Updating the 2014 Plan 

For its continued relevance, The 2014 Plan is being updated after 5 years. The 2014 Plan has been under evaluation and based on subsequent discussions with the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Commission, staff will present recommendations for an update to the 2014 Plan by June 2020. 

We need your Input

The update process is intended to be a collaborative process and aims to capture collective aspirations and vision of the Richmond community. We request your participation and Inputs through:
1. Survey: Please respond to the online survey available at the following link by April 25, 2020: 


(Please do not participate in a paper survey if you have participated in an online survey)
2. Listening Session:     Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we will be cancelling this 

Listening Session at Friends of North Richmond.  Should we reschedule this session for a future date, we will communicate via the website notification system as well as social media.

Thank you  for your desire to participate in this session.