Beat 9

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Officer Vernon Horelica

May 2018


In the month of May, I was able to make three new beat contacts in Beat 09.  I met with Mrs. Linda Murphy, who lives on Magnolia Drive.   Mrs. Murphy stated that she had no problems or complaints within the beat.  I also met with Mr. Darryl Kainer, who lives on Crestwood Drive.  Mr. Kainer had no problems or complaints within the beat, but said occasionally someone wanders over from the nearby apartment complexes to cause trouble.  I also met with Mr. Marcus Molina, who lives on East Laurel Oaks Drive.  Mr. Molina had no problems or complaints about the beat but complimented what good people all of his neighbors were.  I located a maroon 2006 Volkswagen Jetta Chevrolet 4-door, bearing Texas paper license plate number #228375F, parked underneath a carport at 116 Douglas Street, which was in violation of the junk vehicle ordinance.  The temporary plate was expired since April, 19, 2017, and was registered to a subject at that address.  The vehicle was parked on jack stands without tires and was clearly in need of repair.  I was unable to locate an owner, so I issued a junk vehicle warning for the vehicle and placed it on the vehicle windshield.  I was able to make contact with the single registered sex offender in Beat 09 and verified that all of his information was current and accurate.