Beat 6

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Officer Alon Freeman

November 2018

During the month of November, I met three people inside my beat. I met Jim Adams. Jim Adams works a family law firm located in the 300 block of Jackson Street, in Richmond, Texas. Mr. Adams enjoys helping families by working in family law. Mr. Adams has been a family law lawyer for over a decade. Mr. Adams advised that he did not have any issues or concerns. I gave Mr. Adams my card and told him to contact me if any concerns came about.

I also met with Katie Boudreaux. Ms. Boudreaux works at the First Baptist Church, located in the 500 block of South 5th Street, in Richmond, Texas. Ms. Boudreaux works in an office next to Pastor Lockhart. Ms. Boudreaux advised me that she has been working for the First Baptist Church for approximately 6 years. Ms. Boudreaux further advised that she had a few concerns. Ms. Boudreaux stated when parents come to pick up their children, she observes a few parents to have child custody disputes. Ms. Boudreaux asked what she could do to stop the situation from escalating into something bigger. I advised Ms. Boudreaux of our non-emergency number if any child custody disputes came about. I also advised Ms. Boudreaux to call the emergency number if any emergencies arise. Ms. Boudreaux advised me that she would try to get professional personal to install security cameras inside the church. Ms. Boudreaux advised that she did not have any further concerns or questions.

I also met with Sherri Pirie. Ms. Pirie also works at First Baptist Church in the front office. Ms. Pirie has worked at the church for approximately 4 years. Ms. Pirie enjoys praying for police officers and for their safety. Ms. Pirie proceeded to show me a prayer list of all the police officers who are prayed for. Ms. Pirie advised that she did not have any issues or concerns. I gave Ms. Pirie my information and told her to contact me if any concerns came about.    

I located one junk vehicle this month. The vehicle is a blue in color Ford Explorer SUV bearing TXLP FGY8088. The vehicle had an expired registration sticker. I left a junk vehicle notice with the vehicle, stating that the vehicle had to be brought up to the city ordinance regulations within 10 days.