Beat 6

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Officer Ramon Morales

February 2018


During the month of February, I met three residents, Patricia Otto, Sandy Reyes, and Amber Rice.

I met Patricia Otto while conducting beat activity at the address of 610 Main St. Ms. Otto stated that she is the assistant director for the school. Ms. Otto also stated that she did not have any issues and stated that she was about to close for the night after working late. I advised Ms. Otto that I was the beat officer for the area and to call if she had any problems.    

I met Sandy Reyes while conducting beat activity in beat six. I advised Ms. Reyes that I am the beat officer in the area. I also asked her if she had any problems. Ms. Reyes advised she did not have any problems and felt very safe since I was checking on her while she was outside walking with her children. I left a business card with Ms. Reyes and I advised if she had any problems to call me at anytime.

I met Amber Rice while conducting beat activity at 512 Morton St. Ms. Rice flagged me down and wanted to know who the beat officer for the area was. I then advised Ms. Rice that I was the beat officer and gave he a card and to call me if she had any problems. Ms. Rice then stated that there are residents in the beat that have told her that the beat officer always checked on them while they were outside and that they were very pleased that I did that. Ms. Rice also wanted to thank me for what I do for the people in the beat.

I located a white green Saturn Sun fire bearing the TXLP of RFP2438 in the trailer park addressed as 609 Front St. The vehicle has an expired registration of 3/2017. I was able to contact the owner and explained the city ordinance violation for the junk vehicle. I left a junk vehicle notice with the owner of the vehicle. It should be known that the vehicle registration was renewed later this month.     

I made contact with Robert Aguilar who is a registered sex offender in the Beat. Mr. Aguilar is in compliance with his address, and phone number as required by law.