Beat 5

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Officer Bradley McNeal

October 2017

During the month of October, I met three new residents in my Beat.  I met Nicole Wilson, Felicia Grant, and Elida Gamboa. I met Nicole Wilson while conducting a property check at the address of 1600 Jackson St. Ms. Wilson is an employee of the business and has been working there for the last three months. I asked Ms. Wilson if there were any problems she would like to address in the area. Ms. Wilson stated she has only lived in the area a few months and has not had any issues.

I met Felicia Grant while doing a property check in the 2000 block of Thompson Hwy. Ms. Grant has been a resident of the City for the last six years. I introduced myself to Ms. Grant and explained to her that I was the Beat officer for her area. Ms. Grant appreciated me stopping to introduce myself and stated she did not have any issues that needed to be addressed at this time. I advised Ms. Grant to call me if she had any problems gave her my business card.

I met Elida Gamboa while doing a property check at 1705 Jackson St. Ms. Gamboa has been an employee of the business for the last four years and has been a resident in the City for the last five years. I explained to Ms. Gamboa I was the Beat officer for the area and that she could contact me of she had any issues.

I located a grey Dodge Ram pickup bearing TXLP 57ZLG8 in the 2000 block of Long Dr. with an expired registration of 03/2015. I was unable to make contact with the owner to explain the City Ordinance violation. I left a junk vehicle notice with the vehicle advising the owner to have the vehicle updated or moved.