Beat 5

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Officer Bradley McNeal

September 2018

During the month of September, I met three people in my beat. I met Megan Diclemente and Kate Ondruch at 1320 Thompson Hwy. Megan and Kate are both employees of the business and have been there for several years.  I spoke to Megan and Kate and we discussed them hosting my National Night Out party this year.  Megan and Kate were both interested in hosting the event at their place of business. I gave them my business card and told them to contact me if they had any other questions.

I met Kelly West at 1705 Jackson. Kelly has been an employee of the business for the last seven months. I introduced myself to Kelly and explained to her, I was her beat officer and she could contact me if she had any issues. Kelly stated she had no issues to discuss at this time. I gave Kelly my business card and advised her to contact me if she needed to.

During the month of September, I located a junk vehicle in the 1600 block of Austin St. The vehicle was a maroon Buick four door bearing TXLP JXD9063. The vehicle had an expired registration of June 2018. I was unable to make contact with the owner. I left a junk vehicle notice with the vehicle and checked back in service.  There are no sex offenders in beat 5 at this time.