Beat 4

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Officer Jesse Martinez

April 2018

During the month of February, I met with three resident, Kim Smallwood, Jeff Rodriguez, and Rafael Zuniga.

I met with Kim Smallwood while conducting beat activity at the address 506 N. Third #2. Ms. Smallwood stated that she lives wither her sister here on occasion and that there have not been any problems that needed to be reported. I gave my business card to Ms. Smallwood and advised her I was the new assigned beat Officer and just wanted to introduce myself and help where I can.

I next met Jeff Rodriguez next at apartment #3, and introduced myself as the new beat Officer to him. I had met Mr. Rodriguez once before and advised him that if he has any problems to let me know and I’ll help where I can.

I next met with Rafael Zuniga at apartment #4. Mr. Zuniga was surprised that the city had Officer’s that are leaning in a community oriented direction and thanked me for coming to visit. Mr. Zuniga stated that the complex he lives in is quiet and there are not any problems. I provided Mr. Zuniga with my business card and advised him to contact me if there was anything I could do to help the beat.

I located a white in color mustang bearing TXLP FGS8208 parked on the side of the road of 203 N. Third Street. The vehicle had no registration displayed and when the vehicles registration was checked it showed to have been expired since 2015. I left a notice of the violation in the mailbox of the property and contacted the owner at a later date. The owner advised she is removing the vehicle and will have it back on the street when it is up to date.

I made contact with Mike Oliver who is a registered sex offender in beat 4. Mr. Oliver is in compliance with his address, and phone number as required by law.  I attempted to contact Jeffrey Mayberry, registered sex offender, in beat 4 but he has not been at home. I contacted him by phone later in the month and he stated that he was back on the road for work. Contact was not physically made with Mr. Mayberry. All streets lights in beat 4 were found working.