Beat 4

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Officer Jesse Martinez


 December 2018

Officer Martinez 

During the month of December, I, Officer Jesse Martinez, met with three residents who reside within my patrol beat, beat 4.

I met with Demitro Rosales and Johnny Velez, both residence of beat 4. Mr. Rosales stated that he has lived in the Richmond area for a long time.  Mr. Rosales stated that he is focusing on his career at the moment as to fix up his home that he expects to receive from his farther-in-law. Mr. Rosales did have a complaint about his beat and the information was gathered as to see what the police department can do to assist him. Mr. Velez stated he has also lived in Richmond for a long time and enjoys spending time at home. Mr. Velez stated the orange tree located in his yard is for snacking and that he lets neighbors come and take oranges to snack on as well.  

I also met with Leon Fredrick. Mr. Fredric is known in the Richmond area. I met with Mr. Fredric on Christmas Eve and provided him with a meal for the holidays.

I also located on junk vehicle in my beat. The vehicle is a white in color 1983 Oldsmobile bearing TXLP BHR9617.  A notice of the violation was left with the home owner. No street lights were observed to be non-functional in beat 4.

I made contact with Mike Oliver, a registered sex offenders, in beat 4. Mr. Oliver is in compliance with his address, and phone number as required by law. I was unable to meet with Jeffrey Mayberry who is a registered sex offender in my beat.