Beat 3

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Officer Elisa Martinez

January 2018

E Martinez

This month, I made contact with Mrs. Stewart. Mrs. Stewart was sitting outside in front of her residence. I introduced myself to Mrs. Stewart, as her Beat officer. I asked Mrs. Stewart if she had any problems or concerns about the area she lives in. Mrs. Stewart stated that she sees a lot of subjects, who do not live in the area, walking on the streets. Mrs. Stewart stated if she thinks it is suspicious, she does call the police.

I made contact with Mrs. Tejada. Mrs. Tejada was outside of her residence with her family. Mrs. Tejada said she has been living at her residence for about sixteen years. Mrs. Tejada said she has not had any problems in the area she lives in. Mrs. Tejada was given my business card.

I made contact with Mr. Green. When I introduced myself to Mr. Green, he advised he knows me because I pulled him over a couple of months ago. Mr. Green said he has been living at his residence for about nineteen years. Mr. Green advised he does not have any concerns about the area he lives in. Mr. Green did advise if we do receive calls about suspicious activity, it is most certainly coming from a specific area.   

I located a junk vehicle, a bearing TXLP/BBS6042, parked on the public roadway, located in the 1000 block of Center Street. The vehicle has remained inoperable for more than 72 consecutive hours and is in violation of the city ordinance. A notice was placed on the vehicle.

I made contact with Alan Moreno, a registered sex offender in my Beat. Mr. Moreno is in compliance with his vehicles, address, and phone number as required by law.