Beat 3

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Officer Elisa Martinez-Smith

January 2019

E MartinezDuring the month of January, I met three citizens in my beat.

I met with Mr. Vasquez. I have met with Mr. Vasquez before. Mr. Vasquez advised that he still has several concerns with subjects entering an abandoned tool shed in the area he lives in. Mr. Vasquez was informed that the property did have a trespass enforcement, and it is important for him to call us any time he sees subjects on the property. Mr. Vasquez was concerned about calling the police too much. I advised Mr. Vasquez that it our duty to respond to every call, even if it’s about the same complaint.

I met with Ms. Perez. Ms. Perez is a Spanish speaker. Ms. Perez is in the process to move into her residence. Ms. Perez said she currently resides in Rosenberg, however does not know the area she is moving to very well. Ms. Perez said she slowing moving her property into her new residence. I gave Ms. Perez some advised on how to prevent herself from being a victim of burglary. I also notified Ms. Perez about our house watch program, and if she was interested, since she is moving soon. Ms. Perez was interested and I gathered her information.

I met with Mr. and Mrs. Lopez. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez moved into their residence about six months ago. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez have no concerns at the moment, and have not seen any suspicious activity occurring in the area. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez said they mostly know their neighbors in the area. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez were advised if they have any concerns, to not hesitate to contact the police. I also explained the house watch program to Mr. and Mrs. Lopez.

I located a junk vehicle, described as a blue 1994 Toyota four door passenger vehicle, bearing TXLP/JGX1847. The vehicle has an expired registration since February 2018. I will make contact with the owner on a later date.

I made contact with Alan Moreno, a registered sex offender in the Beat. Mr. Moreno is in compliance.