Beat 2

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Officer Vladimir Golovine

August 2018


During the month of August, I spent about 4 hours doing community related activities in Beat 02. I was able to talk to about 30 residents from Beat 02, who I knew from the past. During the month of August, I met three new residents of Beat 02. I met with Larry Vasquez who owns the property addressed as 501 Pultar. I believed that this property was outside the City of Richmond. Therefore, I have never attempted to contact the property owner, but noticed several junk vehicles on the property and trash laying in the yard. I discovered that I was wrong and contacted Mr. Vasquez. We had a long conversation about the numerous City of Richmond Municipal Ordinances on his property. Mr. Vasquez promised to begin the long process of cleaning his property. I also spoke with Francisco Samarieno, at 1711 Rocky Falls and we spoke about his neighbors and the problems that they cause. I spoke with Juanita Sandoval, who resides at 302 Rochelle. We spoke about issues with her neighbors.  

During the month of August, I discovered 3 vehicles that are in violation of the City of Richmond Junk Vehicle Ordinance.  I issued written notices of violation of the City of Richmond Junk Vehicle to 305 Rochelle, 301 Mellon, and 1800 Preston #3.    Under the same ordinance a white Ford now is in compliance at 1800 Preston #34 and 2010 Gammon. Under the same ordinance a gray Chevrolet was removed from 2012 Gammon, a  blue Honda from 1703 Rocky Falls, a Tan Mercedes from 1816 Carver.

I met with Ms. Loza at 314 Rochelle. This will mark the 20th year that Ms. Loza host this event at her residence for Beat Two. The event will take place on Tuesday October 2, 2018 at 7 PM.

I contacted several local business and they donated food and monetary funds to support the National Night Event through the entire City of Richmond.

During the month of August I met with the two registered sex offenders that this beat has.  They completed the registration form as required.