Beat 2

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Officer Vladimir Golovine

October 2018


During the month of October, I spent about 6 hours doing community related activities in Beat 02. I was able to talk to about 30 residents from Beat 02, who I knew from the past. During the month of October, I met three new residents of Beat 02. I met with Celia Salinas, who rents the home addressed as 305 Rochelle, we spoke about traffic on her street. I also spoke with Carlos Limon, who resides in the mobile home park addressed as Rocky Falls Parkway. We spoke in Spanish about the junk vehicles that he has on his property. I finally spoke with Joshua Sims, who resides in the mobile home park addressed as 1800 Preston, Mr. Sims who recently moved from Houston to Richmond stated that he likes the small town atmosphere of Richmond.

During the month of October, I discovered 4 vehicles that are in violation of the City of Richmond Junk Vehicle Ordinance.  I issued written notices of violation of the City of Richmond Junk Vehicle to 302 Rochelle, 206 Mellon, 331 Rocky Falls Parkway, and 1800 Preston #4. Under the same ordinance an orange Honda was removed from 212 Rocky Falls Parkway, a gray Chevrolet from 224 Rocky Falls Parkway, a white Hyundai from 301 Mellon, and a white BMW from 213 Rocky Falls Parkway

Beat 02 celebrated National Night Out on Tuesday October 2, 2018 at 7 PM. About 32 area residents attended. This marked the 20th year in a row that Ms. Loza hosted this event at the residence on Rochelle Street. Therefore, The Mayor of the City of Richmond, Evalyn Moore, issued a proclamation and recognition to the dedication of Ms. Loza to the community. The ceremony took place on Monday, October 15, 2018 during the regular City Commission meeting. I attended this meeting where Ms. Loza was presented with the certificate. Pictures were taken and later an article was written in the Fort Bend Herald newspaper.

During the month of October I met with the two registered sex offenders that this beat has.  They completed the registration form as required.