Beat 2

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Officer Vladimir Golovine

February 2019


During the month of February, I spent about 3 hours doing community related activities in Beat 02. I was able to talk to about 12 residents from Beat 02, who I knew from the past. During the month of February, I met three new residents of Beat 02. I met Leonell Harrisson, who is a new immigrant from El Salvador to Richmond, we spoke about the differences of law enforcement between his native country and the USA. I also met Arturo Marmolejo, who rents a house on George Street. Mr. Marmolejo was home, not working, due to rainy weather. We spoke about crime in the area. I finally met Yesenia Rodriguez, who spoke Spanish only, and shared with me that she enjoys living in Richmond. 

During the month of February, I discovered 3 vehicles that are in violation of the City of Richmond Junk Vehicle Ordinance.  I issued written notices of violation of the City of Richmond Junk Vehicle to 1900 George, 2002 George, and 1907 George. Under the same ordinance a gray Toyota was removed from 2009 George, a gray Dodge from 1816 Paloma, a gray Lincoln from 1802 Paloma, a tan Jaguar from 2012 George, a black Nissan from 2002 George, a marron Nissan from 2013 George, and a red Dodge pickup from 1605 George.

I contacted Sacred Heart Church and requested their assistance with the Santa Behind the Badge Children’s Christmas program. They pledge their support, as in previous years, and reserved the gymnasium for December 19th, 2019.

On Thursday, February 14, 2019 with the assistance of Lt. Donald Kovar and TCO Taryn Smith, I taught a class about Community Oriented Policing to the new Richmond Citizen’s Police Academy class. 

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019 I was invited by the staff of the First Baptist Church to be a judge in their mother’s day out school chili cook contest. It was fun to be the judge and then have lunch with 60 kids age 3-5.

During the month of February I met with the two registered sex offenders that this beat has.  They completed the registration form as required.