Beat 2

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Officer Vladimir Golovine

October 2017


During the month of October, I spent about nine hours doing community related activities in Beat 2. I was able to talk to about forty residents from Beat 2, who I knew from the past. During the month of October, I met three new residents of Beat 2. I met Maria Mejia, Cecilia Soto, and Oscar Portillo who all reside on Gammon Street. It has been two months, but all these Richmond residents wanted to talk to me about the effects of Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent flooding. 

During the month of October, I discovered five vehicles that are in violation of the City of Richmond Junk Vehicle Ordinance.  I issued written notices of violation of the City of Richmond Junk Vehicle Ordinance 2009 Gammon, 2110 Gammon, 1809 Branch, 1515 Carver, and 1512 Carver. Under the same ordinance a gray Chevrolet was removed from 2002 Gammon, a red Toyota from 2005 Gammon, a gray Chevrolet from 2117 Gammon, a maroon Toyota from 2115 Gammon, a black Honda from 2112 Gammon and a white BMW from 2111 Gammon.  

During the month of October. I met with the two registered sex offenders that this Beat has.  They completed the registration form as required.

Beat 02 celebrated the National Night Out Event on Tuesday, October 3, 2017. However, due to rain the attendance was low.

Preparation begun for the “Santa Behind the Badge” Christmas event. The Richmond Police Department, since 1994, has been sponsoring a Christmas party, and presents for the children of families that are in financial distress. This event will take place on Thursday, December 14, 2017, in the gymnasium of Sacred Heart Church in Richmond.