Beat 2

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Officer Vladimir Golovine

May 2018


During the month of May, I spent about 5 hours doing community related activities in Beat 02. I was able to talk to about 20 residents from Beat 02, who I knew from the past. During the month of May, I met three new residents of Beat 02. I met with Isabel Ocampo and Veronica Fonseca, who both reside on George Street. Both ladies are longtime residents of Richmond and shared with me that they enjoy living in Richmond. I also met Rosabel Beltran, who is a new resident of George Street, we spoke (in Spanish) about the neighborhood in general.

During the month of May, I discovered 11 vehicles that are in violation of the City of Richmond Junk Vehicle Ordinance.  I issued written notices of violation of the City of Richmond Junk Vehicle to 1504 George, 1505 George, 1509 George, 1513 George, 1608 George, 1709 George, 1805 George, 1808 George, 2004 George, and 2013 George. Under the same ordinance a white Dodge Van was removed from 1712 George, a white Suburban from 1800 George, a gray Mercedes from 1811 George, a gray Toyota from 2009 George, a white Honda from 2015 George, and a white Mazda from 608 Pultar.

During the month of May I met with the two registered sex offenders that this beat has.  They completed the registration form as required.