Beat 11

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Officer Chad Petty

April 2018


In the month of April, I met 3 people in my beat at their place of employment.  I first met with Richard West at his place of employment.  Mr. West works for Whataburger and works daytime hours.  Mr. West stated he brings the food out to the customers in the eating area inside and picks up the trash after they are done.  Mr. West stated he worked for Whataburger in Dripping Springs for about 4 years and then moved to the Richmond area and has been employed with the Richmond Whataburger for about a year.  Mr. West stated him and his wife both work for Whataburger and the staff and management treat him fair.  Mr. West stated he is wanting to retire in a couples years and just relax with his wife and enjoy their time together. 

I spoke with Mariah Tillman at her place of employment.  Ms. Tillman is the assistant manager for AC Delco XL Parts.  Ms. Tillman stated the company has been busy and they have been delivering parts throughout the city.  Ms. Tillman stated she does not have any compliants at this time and thanked me for stopping by.  Ms. Tillman was busy helping the front desk customers, but I was able to get Ms. Tillman to complete the business contact information sheet so dispatch would have updated information. 

I spoke with Filberto Morales at his place of employment.  Mr. Morales is the manager of the kitchen inside Richmond Food Mart.  Mr. Morales stated he is the only employee right now due to low business.  Mr. Morales stated he rents the space from the owner of Richmond Food Mart and his best business is the morning time from the construction workers.  Mr. Morales stated he started managing the kitchen about a year ago and he enjoys cooking.  Mr. Morales said has not had any problems since he has been at the location and the owner of the store get along great.    

All street lights are in working order in Beat 11 for the month of April.  This month I conducted several business checks throughout the city and also updated business information in my beat so dispatch could update the system with current phone numbers.