Beat 11

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Officer Chad Petty

September 2018


In the month of September, I met 3 people in my beat at their place of employment.  I first met Myra Bautista at her place of employment.  Ms. Bautista is employed with Wal Mart and has been with them for about 8 years.  Ms. Bautista said she works the day shift as a cashier.  Ms. Bautista stated she also helps out the managers and assistant manager when they need help.  I informed Ms. Bautista about National Night out and she stated she would try and make it with her children that night.  Ms. Bautista did not have any complaints or concerns at this time.

I met with Patty Torres at her place of employment.  Ms. Torres works with Whataburger on the day shift as a cashier and works the front counter and the drive thru window.  Ms. Torres stated she has been with Whataburger for about a year, but will be leaving in the middle of the month.  Ms. Torres stated she is leaving the restaurant business and getting a job with Home Goods in Rosenberg, TX.  Ms. Torres stated she loves the management at Whataburger, but wants out of the fast food business.  Ms. Torres stated she would try and make National Night out, but she was not going promise she would be there.  

I met with Kristie Dixon at Whataburger this month.  Ms. Dixon on the marketing team for Whataburger and been with the marketing team for a few years.  Ms. Dixon stated she loves the marketing team and loves getting events going for the company.  I talked with Ms. Dixon about National Night out and she stated she would love to help and sponsor some items for the night.  Ms. Dixon stated she would get with the marketing team and find out what they can do for the event.  Ms. Dixon stated she would not be able to make it that night, but she would have people from the company attend and take pictures. 

This month I got my beat party set up for National Night out which will be held in the parking lot of Wal Mart on October 2nd.  Life Flight was notified and they will be making an appearance along with the Fire Department at around 6:30PM that evening.  Wal Mart will also be sponsoring the event along with Whataburger and Papa Johns Pizza.  We are hoping for a good turn out and hoping for the rain to hold off for the party.