Beat 11

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Officer Chad Petty

January 2018


In the month of January, I met three people in my Beat at their place of employment.  I met with Ester Stone at her place of employment.  Ms. Stone has worked as a waitress at Happy You You for about four and half years.  Ms. Stone said she loves her job and enjoys eating Chinese food.  Ms. Stone said the owners and employees have been great to her.  Ms. Stone said she has not had any problems with customers, or employees, and does not have any complaints at this time.  Ms. Stone thanked me for stopping by and talking with her and said I was welcome to have lunch anytime. 

I met with Azhar Jilani at his place of employment.  Mr. Jilani is an assistant manager with IBC Bank and has been employed with the bank for about a year.  Mr. Jilani said he has been in the banking business for a long time and just recently made the switch over to IBC Bank.  Mr. Jilani said he has a great staff and enjoys working in the Richmond area.  Mr. Jilani said the customers are great,i and he enjoys helping out his customers any way he can to make sure they are satisfied.  Mr. Jilani said he has not had any problems at the bank since he has been there, but would let me know if any problems or concerns were to come up.  I supplied Mr. Jilani with my business card and asked him to call me anytime.

I met with Emilia Rodriguez at her place of employment.  Ms. Rodriguez is currently employed with Wal Mart and has been with the Richmond Wal Mart for about twenty three years.  Ms. Rodriguez stated she currently works in the clothing department and fitting room area during the day.  Ms. Rodriguez stated she has seen managers come and go, but she does not have any desire to promote to a manager.  Ms. Rodriguez said she loves helping out customers and making sure they get what they are looking for, and looks forward to coming to work because she works with a great team.  Ms. Rodriguez stated she was born and raised in the area and currently lives in the Pleak area and loves the country part of it. 

This month I took a Penal Code update class at the Richmond PD.  The class was up get the Officers updated on the new laws that have been passed.

This month I also noticed two street lights that were out in my Beat.  The two street lights that were not working are located on top of the signal lights of the intersection of FM 1640 and FM 2218.