Beat 11

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Officer Chad Petty

December 2018


In the month of December, I met 3 people in my beat at their place of employment.  I first met with Adrian Moore the store manager of NZY Farm World.  Mr. Moore advised the store had just recently opened and have been pretty busy.  Mr. Moore advised his in-laws opened up the business and both live in the Katy, Texas area.  Mr. Moore café just opened as well and hoped that police department employees would come in and try their food.  Mr. Moore stated he did not have any problems or concerns at this time and welcomed me back anytime.

I spoke with Michael Zhong the owner of NZY Farm World.  Mr. Zhong stated he is from the Katy area and just opened the store up.  Mr. Zhong the process of opening the store and getting all the permits took some time.  Mr. Zhong stated it was worth waiting for because the store is now open and have been busy since the opening.  Mr. Zhong stated I was welcomed anytime and thanked me for stopping by.

I spoke with James Whaub at his place of employment.  Mr.  Whaub works for Walmart and was working his 2nd shift.  Mr. Whaub stated he is from South Houston and just recently moved to the area with his father because his father had gotten a job in the Richmond/Rosenberg area.  Mr. Whaub said he would not be with Wal Mart long because he just enlisted into the Air Force.  Mr. Whaub stated he would be leaving for the Air Force in March.  Mr. Whaub stated he is excited about going into the Air Force and getting his career started. 

Santa Behind the Badge was held this month at Sacred Heart Church.  It was a great turn out and made a lot of families and children happy to get gifts from Santa.  This month I visited several schools in the city to walk and talk with the children.  Both the children and the teachers were ready for the Christmas break.