Beat 11

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Officer Chad Petty

July 2018


In the month of July, I met 3 people in my beat at their place of employment.  I first met with Donald McCall at his place of employment.  I met with Jennifer Adame at her place of employment.  Ms. Adame works for Wal Mart and has worked with Wal Mart for about 12 years.  Ms. Adame advised me she worked for the Wal Mart in Houston off Hwy 45 South and then transferred to the Richmond store about 9 years ago.  Ms. Adame stated she lived in Rosenberg and wanted to transfer to be closer to home.  Ms. Adame stated the Richmond store is better managed and gets along with the employees with less “drama”.  Ms. Adame said she has not had any problems or concerns at this time and thanked me for stopping in and speaking with her.

I spoke with Kaytlin Taylor at her place of employment.  Ms. Taylor works with Murphy Oil and has worked there for about 2 months.  Ms. Taylor said she recognized me and that I changed her life around.  I asked Ms. Taylor how I impacted her life and she stated I had arrested her in the past for a theft charge.  Ms. Taylor said after she was arrested she changed her life around and is now working hard at the things she wants for her and her family.  Ms. Taylor said she has not been in trouble since that incident.  Ms. Taylor said she enjoys work and uses her income for her and her family so she can support them.

I met with Ms. Mary Arizpe at her residence as I was conducting a foot patrol on the north side of the city.  Ms. Arizpe advised me she works at Wal Mart and has worked there for 31 years.  Ms. Arizpe stated she is ready to retire and move to the country.  Ms. Arizpe stated she was born and raised in Richmond and loves the city.  Ms. Arizpe stated she did have a complaint on one of the neighbors driving around in a white Dodge Charger speeding through the neighborhood.  Ms. Arizpe stated she usually sees the vehicle driving around in the evening or night time and he also plays his loud music.  I asked Ms. Arizpe if anyone has reported the neighbor and she did not believe so.  I supplied Ms. Arizpe with my business card and asked her to call if she has any complaints or problems.  I informed her I would keep an eye out for her neighbor speeding through the neighborhood and would also pass the information on to the other shifts.  Ms. Arizpe thanked me for stopping by her house and speaking with her because she lives alone and enjoyed the talk with me. 

This month I conducted several business checks in my beat and throughout the city.  This month a new company was in the process of moving into a section of Wal Mart at the front of the store.  I attempted to make contact with them and get some information but have not been able to because of the remodel and they are not fully moved in yet.