Beat 11

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Officer Chad Petty

October 2017


In the month of October, I met three people in my Beat at their place of employment.  I met with Jeny Pham at her place of employment.  Ms. Pham works with Regal Nails located inside Wal Mart.  Ms. Pham has worked with the company for about ten years.  Ms. Pham enjoys taking care of others nails and making them feel relaxed when they come in.  Ms. Pham said she likes the location of the business because it brings in customers shopping at Wal Mart.  Ms. Pham said she has not had any problems or concerns.  I supplied Ms. Pham with my business card and asked her to give me a call if she had any questions or concerns. 

I met with Humeria Fatima at her place of employment.  Ms. Fatima works with IBC Bank and has been with the company for over a year.  Ms. Fatima works as a teller and enjoys working with her co-workers.  Ms. Fatima did attend the National Night Out this month and helped pass out drinks and hot dogs.  Ms. Fatima also gave out some supplies and give a ways from IBC Bank.  Ms. Fatima said she enjoyed meeting a lot of people including the other employees and managers from the surrounding businesses.

I met with Delilah Ramos at her place of business.  Ms. Ramos works for 1st Convenience Bank as a teller and has been employed with the company for about six months.  Ms. Ramos said business has been busy and getting busy since the holiday season is approaching.  Ms. Ramos said she loves her job and is starting to like the banking business since this is her first banking job.  Ms. Ramos said she hasn’t had any problems or concerns with the employees or customers since she has been employed.

This month was National Night Out and my Beat party was held at the Wal Mart parking lot.  We had a great turn out even though rain kept a lot of people away.  All the businesses that joined us for fun, had giveaways from the local businesses.  I would like to thank the sponsors for the night which were Wal Mart, Whataburger, Papa Johns, IBC Bank, and 1st Convenience Bank.  All the businesses came together and had a great and fun time meeting the employees and citizens that came out to join the fun.