Driver's Safety Course


Defendants must request Driver Safety Course on or before the court date and court costs are due at the time of the request.

A defendant charged with a moving traffic violation under the state law, may be eligible to take a driving safety course in order to have the ticket dismissed, and not appear on the permanent driving record. If a ticket is dismissed under this provision, it will not appear as a conviction on the driving record and according to state law, should not affect insurance premiums.

In order to take a driving safety course, a defendant must first have permission of the court to do so. To determine eligibility, a driving safety course must not have been taken 12 months prior to the date of the citation. It is the defendant's responsibility to determine if he is eligible to take a course.

If eligibility is determined, the defendant must:

  • Not currently enrolled in a driving safety course
  • Enter a plea of no contest or guilty
  • Pay applicable state court costs and administrative fees.
  • Present a valid Texas driver's license (No Commercial License)
  • Present valid insurance with the defendant's name on the policy

Non-Eligible Violations

Not all offenses under the Texas Transportation Code are subject to dismissal upon completion of a driving safety course. A driver will not be eligible to have a charge dismissed by completing a driving safety course if:

  • The alleged moving violation has occurred in a construction zone with workers present
  • The alleged speed is NOT 25 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit
  • The alleged violation is passing a school bus while loading or unloading students
  • The driver holds a commercial driver's license

Defendants 16 years of age or younger must make a formal court appearance in front of a judge with a parent or legal guardian in order to request permission to take a driving safety course.

Additional Information

Applicable state court costs and administrative fees are $109.10 or $134.10 if the offense is in a school zone.

Failure to present to the court proof of completion of the driving safety course and a certified copy of your driving  record from the Texas Department of Public Safety on or before 90 days from this request will result in the the court entering a judgment of conviction with a fine of $200 and a report of the conviction to the Texas Department of Public Safety to be recorded on your driving record as required by law.