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Richmond's City Commission Accepts Changes to The Unified Development Code

Post Date:07/30/2018 1:30 PM

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Richmond’s City Commission approved a couple of amendments to the Unified Development Code at the July Commission meeting. One of these amendments  provide for uses of nano-breweries, micro-breweries and custom assembly  in the Olde Town (OT), Downtown (DN), Suburban Commercial (SC), General Commercial (GC), Business Park (BP) and Mixed Use (MU) Zoning Districts.  According to City Planning Director, Jessica Duet, the reasoning behind this change is to allow for smaller scale operations and businesses to the downtown and core areas of Richmond where visitors and residents have access to artistry and craftsmanship. With this change, micro breweries, nano- breweries, and custom assembly have opportunity for use outside of an Industrial district which is where these types of businesses would fall in the UDC prior to this amendment..

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The second amendment to the Unified Development Code approved at the Commission meeting established a Recreational Vehicle(RV) Park Zoning District.

Under the City’s zoning regulations, the use of RVs in an RV Park was permitted with conditional uses since it was designated under Industrial zoning district (IN) which is not necessarily conducive to residential uses. The City Commission approved the new RV Park Zoning District, with knowledge that much research had been completed to insure this new district would be compatible with residential uses, allowing the City to address future growth opportunities as Richmond expands its’ City Limits well into the future.

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