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Richmond Police Department Upgrades Reporting System

Post Date:06/27/2018 9:00 AM

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Chief Gary Adams shared with Commission at this week’s Commission meeting that a federal grant was available to apply for upgrading the Police Departments crime reporting system to an incident reporting system called National Incident Based Reporting System Software, or NIBRSS.

Currently the Richmond Police Department is using a summary- based reporting system which has been in place since the 1940s and is limited in reporting detail. Police Chief Adams said “It’s modern technology in recording and it’s instant”. He  then added “We want to ensure accuracy. By 20121 every police department in the country will be required to use NIBRSS”. 

Under the current summary system, the report doesn’t include separate details of the crime. Chief Adams used an example of an assault on someone’s property, which would only be filed as an assault- one crime- even if that person had trespassed and used a deadly weapon.  With NIBRSS, the system allows for all crimes of that incident to be reported.  He recognized that initially it may appear as if crime has risen in Richmond, but that would likely not be the case, but that it is being more accurately documented with this  current technology. He then shared the federal grant is $5800 and does not required City matching funds. This NIBRS software is also used nationwide for crime studies, which Richmond should be included in.

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