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City of Richmond Considering Policy for Speed Humps

Post Date:06/30/2017 8:00 AM


When citizens think about livability of their City, safety is likely a key component to that evaluation.  To supplement regular police patrol, some cities have opted to implement a speed hump policy to  help curb speeding through neighborhood streets.  Speed humps have been effective in other cities as an alternative traffic control measures, especially in reducing speed and calming traffic on neighborhood streets.  The City of Richmond has been evaluating speed hump policies from several area cities to determine the feasibility of such a policy for the City.

The typical process to consider speed hump installation would begin with a formal request to the City from a resident or a homeowner’s association (HOA).  The requested street would need to meet certain geometric  and operational characteristics for staff to evaluate.  If the street was acceptable, the City would issue a petition packet needing at least two thirds approval from the defined petition area.  At the  point the petition request and all criteria are met, the street could be added to the speed hump list.

Funding responsibility for the speed hump program would be determined by applying a cost share scoring criteria.  Cost sharing from the City could range from zero  to one hundred percent funding, depending on the statistics generated by the request.  Project request would need to be submitted prior to February 1st to be considered for the City’s budget year, which begins October. Funds would be allocated once per year and if multiple petition requests are received by the City, then priority ranking would be determined by a scoring process as well. 

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