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May 2017 Proclaimed Motorcycle Awareness Month

Post Date:05/18/2017 5:00 AM

City of Richmond’s Mayor Moore proclaimed May 2017 Motorcycle Awareness Month at the May Commission meeting. Whereas the month of May marks the traditional riding season, motorcycles become more prevalent on our streets, so the need to be aware of them becomes of the utmost urgency. Motorcycle Awareness Month is designed to increase public awareness about motorcycles, encourage their safe and proper use among motorcycle riders, and bring special recognition since motorcycles occupy a very important position in the history of our State and Nation. Whereas the motorcycle is an efficient vehicle which reduces fuel consumption, has little impact on our overworked roads and highway system, and is an important mode of transportation for commuting, touring and recreation, it becomes especially important for citizens to recognize them on our roadways.

Citizens should additionally understand that motorcycle operators have the same rights and privileges as operators of other vehicles on all roads and highways. Over two-thirds of car- motorcycle crashes and nearly one-half of all motorcycle crashes are caused by car drivers, not by motorcyclists. Several organizations across the country are committed to increasing the safe operation of motorcycles by promoting rider safety education programs and by providing safety instruction at local chapter meetings.

It is therefore in the best interest of our community and citizens to note the increase in the amount of motorcycle traffic as we enter the warm weather months, to enable the reduction of accidents and injuries involving motorcyclists.


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