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Development Corporation of RichmondCompletes Strategic Plan Workshop

Post Date:02/20/2017 5:00 PM

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The Board of Directors of the Development Corporation of Richmond (DCR)  decided mid-year 2016 to revisit the Strategic Plan the DCR had adopted in 2012-2013. Having a relevant strategic plan allows the Development Corporation to be positioned to anticipate needs in the present as well as the future. Community planning firm, Kendig Keast Collaborative, was hired to facilitate the process of updating the plan, and led the first work shop in December 2016. The workshop began by looking at all the City’s accomplishments and then evolved to exercises which helped the DCR determine their highest priority items from all discussion points, which begins to frame the board’s direction.

The second workshop expanded on priorities from first workshop but also focused on items to be acted on immediately, such as completing a Target Industries Study to define opportunity for growth in Richmond,  as well as focussing on the US 90-A corridor as a critical gateway to the City. With this updated Strategic Plan, the board can now apply next steps for the high priority items, look  to their plan for direction, and know this is a document for planning which may need to be updated annually as market conditions and priorities shift

With their updated 2017 Strategic  Plan, the board recognizes this plan is a flexible document allowing for the changing conditions ahead. Shifts in economic, political, technological and social conditions may influence or change priorities for Richmond and the Development Corporation. The DCR has a document  for planning which can be updated  from time to time.  

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