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Richmond Reveals Wayfinding Signage Design

Post Date:02/27/2017 2:34 PM

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Richmond will soon see Wayfinding Signs guiding traffic through the City to destination areas such as the Historic District. Richmond’s City Commission approved recommendation for sign design to move to next step with vendor partner- National Signs Plazas. National Signs Plazas, NSP, was awarded this project late summer 2016.  

The need for wayfinding signs was recognized after the adoption of the City’s Comprehensive Master Plan.  Wayfinding is the practice of orienting people within their environment…..guiding them where to go in communities through signage.  The need may be driven by tourism, history or economic development. Whatever the driver, the reality is wayfinding programs have become necessary in this very mobile society today.  The next step for this project is the site plan which will involve stakeholders from the City’s boards and commissions, and once approved, will move to next phase-fabrication of signs by April 2017.

Wayfinding systems operate at three different levels…..directional, informative and interactive….and the community will be involved in all planning levels of this project.  National Signs Plaza shares that the civic branding delivered through an appropriate signage program addresses the emotions and feelings that individuals own and connect with a physical space.  This can have a significant effect on how people interact with their environment, in this case Historic Downtown Richmond.  Creating a sense of place is a core component of Richmond’s development plans, and these new wayfinding signs will certainly assist in establishing that.

National Signs Plazas has been involved with many communities throughout the state and region and will be facilitating this initiative, not only in Richmond’s Historic District, but throughout the City and into the ETJ (extra territorial jurisdiction).

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